A New Look, But The Same Mission

The ThreeOh DAO is happy to announce it’s newly refreshed brand identity. The updates are designed to create a recognizable image that captures the attention of policymakers and the public alike. The new look creates a memorable image, while implementing an innovative, and edgy design that compliments the ThreeOh DAO brand identity.

Along with the new brand identity, ThreeOh DAO has created the new ThreeOh DAO website, as a unique, innovative landing page for the outside world. Included on our website are the weekly breakdowns of the newest developments in digital asset policy directly from our Lobbyists in DC, as well as a legislative policy tracker that breaks down new policies being introduced at the state, federal, and international levels.

After the recent article published in Politico, ThreeOh DAO and the strategic communications team determined it was time to unveil the new brand identity in time for the build up before midterm elections in the US. The team is excited to announce the new brand identity to our community, and we look forward to continue building towards becoming a publicly recognized Web3 brand.



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ThreeOh DAO

ThreeOh DAO is an Advocacy DAO harnessing the voice of DeFi users to support innovative policies and candidates at the state, national, and international levels