The Making of a DAO

  • A summary of the proposal with the reward amount requested must be submitted for discussion.
  • Must go through discussion and voting
  • It must be achievable
  • Community members can call for a community hosted AMA for further clarification.
  • The author can only submit a proposal once every 30 days
  • A timeline for the delivery results must be included.
  • If a member receives funding and their results are inadequate, they will be barred from future proposal funding for 90 days (first offense) or forever (second offense).
  • Funded proposals will receive 50% of their proposed amount upon approval, and the remaining 50% will be paid out upon completion or 30 days (for content creators). *Dependent on content being adequate.
  • Submissions can be DAO Process proposals that do not require funding.
  • The Council will simultaneously burn .5 eth and 2 eth (max 250m 3OH) for each accepted proposal based on type.



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ThreeOh DAO

ThreeOh DAO


ThreeOh DAO is an Advocacy DAO harnessing the voice of DeFi users to support innovative policies and candidates at the state, national, and international levels